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Skype is a free instant messaging application that makes the communication more convenient and interesting. It supports video chat, voice meeting, text chat, file transfer, and other communication functions, which greatly satisfy users' different needs and using habits.

Users can start an audio conversation or make a domestic call or an international one to their contacts, whatever fixed-line telephone, mobile phone, or Little Smart used by another side, it is all suitable for Skype to call it directly.

What's more, it is available to send a message or to realize calling transfer with Skype. As a global free instant messaging app, it possesses 663 million registered members. According to the research conducted by TeleGeography in 2010, Skype has been used by 37% users as a commercial tool and more than 15% iPhone and iPod touch users have downloaded it.

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User-rating:4.1 ( 1447 Reviews )


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Skype was bought by Microsoft and became one of its separate department in November 2011, and in March 2013, Microsoft replaced MSN with Skype. There is no need to worry about the previous contacts.

Users can log in Skype with the existing messenger username and keep all their connections. Skype can use on various platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PCs.

Skype for mobile phones and PCs all support a video call and allow a calling on the crossing platform. The new version of Skype also supports 3G and Wi-Fi mode. Wherever you are, you can share the exciting moment with your friends.

Furthermore, the new design of User Interface gives a better using experience. It is very convenient for cellphone Skype users to launch or answer a video call. For example, if you want to call Lily, and you need to find her in your contact lists and click more details about her then you can see "Skype video call" and click it to start your conversation. When you have a voice call, you can click the button "switch to video call" on the right bottom of the screen to launch a video call.

There are several choices when you are having a video call, such as whether mute or not the microphone, end a call, etc. Firstly, entering the video menu, then click the button reminded by the cell phone menu to chose pause or to restart the present call. If at the same time there is a GSM call entering, and a voice prompt will remind you of choosing to refuse or to answer and a pop window saying "answering the new call keeps the present call waiting" will show too.

If you are ready to end the GMS call, you can restart the previous call by hand. Just slightly click the screen, the button appeared that can help you return. Pay attention to that only Android 2.3 or a higher system can meet the requirements of a video call. You are strongly recommended to connect a strong Wi-Fi to ensure a higher quality conversation. Skype for Android supports many languages, such as Brazilian, Portuguese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korea, Russian, Chinese, etc.

More fun will found in Skype Mojos. Because those little additive clips in the expression board help you express yourself with your favorite characters. More convenience and privacy will enjoy by grouping the chat or video calling with several contacts. More cooperation will be built by sharing screens or the photos, files and creating together.

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  • 8/28/2017

    Will not work randomly after using it for three months

    by M

    Keeps freaking force quitting on the splash screen... I uninstalled it and when I reinstalled it nothing changed... Why? My phone has 3GB of ram.

  • 2/7/2018

    Didn't think it could get any worse. I was wrong.

    by Robert

    Update: Dropped from 2 stars to 1 star, because now it doesn't even show when people are online and takes hours to send a message. Unbelievable. ------------------------ Desktop version was rock solid. This version, which I've now tried several times going back to the preview, is just badly done. Buggy, doesn't stay active in the background, doesn't stay active in task bar when closed (duh). Microsoft: let me be plain, you're screwing this up and you're making your own app store and universal app strategy look bad. You need to fix this now.

  • 7/28/2015

    New Update?

    by Unknown

    I loved using the Skype app before the new update, it was an awesome way to keep in touch with my friends! It worked perfectly and was super easy to use! But, the "new and improved" update is the exact opposite of what it calls itself. You can't keep it open alongside your desktop so you an multitask, the graphics are horrible (seriously, they look like they're from the early 2000s), and you have to stare at annoying ads all the time. I'm going to have to find a new way to talk to my friends if they don't make the app usable again. You could at least let us have the option to use the old app if we don't want the terrible "new" update. Thanks a lot, Skype...

  • 8/2/2015

    Why, MS, why?

    by Ed

    The MS 8.1 Skype app was great and easy to use. But on Windows 10, no Skype app is available. This app merely prompts you to download the Skype for Desktop app, which is terrible to use with a touchscreen or on a tablet. And now the Skype for Desktop app comes complete with highly annoying and terribly intrusive ads. Seriously, MS, your app developers leave a lot to be desired for this opening night experience of Windows 10 apps. If I could give the "Get Skype" app less than one star, I certainly would. This is a terrible insult to users of the Windows 8.1 Skype app: -5 Stars!

  • 9/20/2017

    It's like they TRIED to screw it up

    by Shamas

    I like the call quality... I dislike every thing else. Settings (formerly Options) has beend reduced by 4/5 and some of the most important things to me have been removed including first and foremost the ability to decide where downloads get saved to. Honestly the call quality is something Skype has been improving on even before Microsoft bought it.... the deterioration of the rest of the app was kind of to be expected once Crap O Soft got involved. Still disappointing though

  • 8/3/2015

    Useless on Win10

    by Xinwx

    Prompt to download the desktop version. Desktop version constantly nags "Would you likecalls and Skype links to always open with Skype for Windows desktop? If so, click Yes and on the following screen Select All and Save." No matter what option you pick, check "Do not ask me again" or not, it always asks this when Skype loads. Useless app, annoying Desktop version. This didn't happen in Windows 7.

  • 2/5/2018

    Not opening - CRASH

    by Pushan

    Crashing all the time while opening. I uninstalled and reinstalled again but having the same issue.

  • 5/23/2017

    Basic Functions Diminished - Compared to old client

    by Jeremey

    Basic UI use for Skype as software based phone are not as good. Ring function and control messed up (rings after pickup, rings once connected, cannot disable ring while on other line). Ability to copy / paste passcodes for conference calls. Ability to use phone numbers with strings (dial conference, wait 5 seconds and enter code to join saved call in calendar). Video link with camera that works fine for other applications broken (does not even show video device available with no way to debug).


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