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LINE is a popular online messaging application that is developed by NHN Japan. The most attractive part to users is “emotion images”. There are more than 250 kinds of emotion images for users to enjoy using Line. Line is a brand new communication tool for users to have free calls, free texts within 24 hours at any time anywhere.

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User-rating:4.3 ( 2203 Reviews )


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The tool has made users’ life more convenient to chat with each other. With it, users can keep touch with their family, friends all the time for free if they open their data or with WIFI.

In February 2015, the mobile communication application bring out one new service that is more convenient for brand enterprises and SMEs to communicate through this platform. This service is free for users, while it will charge for the “nice numbers”. For the first year, it charges 24 dollars. It charges 12 dollars for the second year.

This application can be used for different platforms, mainly including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and NOKIA Asha systems.

Most users are attracted by the free calls and enjoyable emotions. The Line emotion store was released in April 2013. Users can buy different kinds of emotions. According to NHN, by August 2013, the sales of virtual emotions had achieved 23 million revenue.

also, Line combined with Birzzle to create a new game called Line Birzzle in July 2013. Users can get a series of emotion images related to this game for free if they download it. Stimulated by this mode, the first day Line Birzzle has reached the first place in the Japanese and Taiwanese store.

In January 2014, to appreciate users from Taiwan, Line decided to give the world’s first “Here We Are in Taipei-Line Friends Interact Paradise” to Taiwan and invited residents from Taiwan to attend.

In January 2015, Japanese Line released the service of taking a taxi and announced the detailed plan of this service to all. Meantime, Line would have a competition with Uber.

Why there are so many users like to user Line? The answers are as follows:

➠ 1. Users can connect with each other and call for free if they two both are under WIFI or their own data.

➠ 2. There are a variety of cute emotion images and symbols which can express users’ mood.

➠ 3. Users can change the chatting background to make the communication more interesting. There are 23 different backgrounds for users to use, even they can use the photos in their own mobile.

➠ 4. Chat with family and friends at any time anywhere for free. Users can even send their locations to their friends on Line.

Apart from those functions above, Line can also support group chatting function. It enables users to chat with many friends and family members together. Thus users can deepen the relationship with them and share everything they have experienced. Come and download Line to enjoy it now!

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  • 6/7/2016

    Annoying unread number

    by Masayuki

    No matter what you do, you can't remove the unread message number on the tile or lock screen notification.

  • 9/3/2016

    Well Done..

    by Fauzan

    Things we need. - Fix notifications (LINE tunes) - Sticker and Theme shop - Support Theme and Sticker preview - Mention friends in comments - Line coins - Background for chat room - And more features PLEASE.

  • 3/10/2015

    by Dustin

    Does well, but suffers from bugs. Line for WP8 has come a long way in the past year or so. Sending a message use to be a hassle. Finding people used to be difficult and only audio calls were supported. Now, it supports video calls, better quality audio, and doesn't crash every five minutes. The timeline is neat and all, but just use facebook if you're going to be heavily social. Not all is peachy. It still suffers from the "Network Unstable" but that pops up and can keep you from getting messages. Thankfully, it has gone from possible days to maybe an hour or two. Upon opening a chat, sometimes new messages will take a while to load on the device. Overall, its a great service to use and more wieldy than Skype is for text communication. Main communication method with my friends in Eastern Asia where Line is very popular.

  • 11/20/2016

    Always removing my messages

    by Bijak Riyandi

    Whenever I restart my phone with LINE in the background, that means I have to say goodbye to all my messages on the phone. Thanks, LINE.

  • 8/30/2016

    Updated - Still a good version, but with issues

    by Jeff

    The UI is much more tight and crisp, and the desktop version is in sync. Much more pleasant to use. Hard to describe just how popular Line is across countries such as Taiwan and Japan. Update - recently this app becomes "pending" for no explained reason. As if it's waiting for an update. Have to uninstall and reinstall each time, which is now a couple times per week. This wipes out all messages. Getting very annoying, so I've dropped it a star. Update 8/30/16 - The "pending" bug is getting extremely annoying, rendering the app unusable at random times. It just now happened while entering a comment. What's going on? Also, unable to maintain a video chat for longer than just about 1:11 before dropping. Sometimes at 1:12, 1:10, 1:13 etc. This is with domestic and international calls, with an android client on the other end.


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