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Developed by XBMC Foundation, Kodi is a cross-platform software media player and video editor that can be played both on big TV and small screen. As an all-in-one video app, Kodi brings you with tons of TV shows, movies, sports games, playing DVDs.

Kodi is currently only available for Android users. It enables you to stream across your local network supporting services like Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, etc. You can tinker with Kodi to make it perfectly suit your needs. There are plenty of add-ons to choose from which invites you to embrace new features or services including Exodus, Specto, Phoenix and so on.

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Category:Video players & editors
User-rating:4.7 ( 2485 Reviews )
Publisher:XBMC Foundation


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Pros & Cons


●You can customize this program to suit your needs by selecting the add-ons you want including Music, Video, and Pictures. Every category contains many options providing free content.

● In addition to add-ons of media kind, this app can also be entertaining by offering things like a Lazy TV, Movie Quiz program, and so on.

● The app has a very clear interface which makes it easy for users to navigate.


It may takes a longer time than you imagine to set up this app and select add-ons you want because of the abundant options yoe are presented with.


● Kodi has no affiliation with any add-on provider.

● The content is provided by users instead of Kodi

● Kodi does not endorse the streaming of copyright-protected material without copyright holder's permission.

● Users must installed the right version provided by the official.

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  • 12/30/2017

    Pretty Good

    by Iitiswhatitis

    I'm glad that kodi is finally on xbox1. I do wish they would have used a stable version and not a beta, but i havent found too many issues. NOTE: If you are installing a repo, understand that not all will work with Kodi 18. Some add ons may work better with older versions. Check out YouTube to see what the best repos.

  • 12/31/2017

    It's ok remember tho it's an alpha!

    by Mr xReaper69

    it's ok remember tho it's an alpha it's only going get better from here!! I made a club here on Xbox called Kodi Zone were Kodi users like us can come together and help each other on how use Kodi installing Wizards, builds, addon, so much more come check us out we will be glad have you but anyways kodi on xbox is ok for now no bugs yet try it out you have nothing to lose!

  • 12/29/2017

    Be patient.

    by Beyonce Revenge

    People have to be patient and give it time before it becomes the Kodi we all know and love. This is going to be great! Just give the guys enough time get it right. I know true Kodi fans understand this already. I can't wait to put my build on here!

  • 2/13/2017

    Get to know Kodi first before giving it a low rating

    by Alex

    Kodi is a one of a kind app and if you don't know what it is for or what it's capable of doing then you should not give it a low Rating because you're having a bad day. This is a standalone player that doesn't absolutely NOTHING unless you configure it. And to configure it's a project you need to dedicate time to. Research about Add-ons and other Kool stuff Kodi is built for requires patience. With over 5+ Years of experience with the Kodi Media Player I can tell you right now that the crashes one is experiencing is due to the Add-on or the way Kodi is configured. It, the player itself just DOESN'T crash, period. Anybody with the same time experience as me would agree. Think of Kodi like an Android OS but empty. An empty Android OS does NOTHING. You need to install APPS, Right? Same thing with Kodi but instead of apps it uses Add-ons that provide you with entertainment depending on the Add-on. Know what you're rating before you actually rate it. Enjoy and use legal Add-ons.

  • 1/17/2017

    Love Kodi but ....

    by Marc

    The app isn't the same as the pure downloaded version. Some add-ons work in downloadable version but not in the Windows app. Might be how MS secures it? In either case, it's a fantastic product. I recommend just getting the download from the official site. Works better and upgrading is easy. The app auto-upgrades which is neat but maybe not the best if you use a bunch of add-ons that haven't kept pace with the base install of Kodi.

  • 11/23/2016

    Great Entertainment, Just Learn to Use It

    by Rodger

    I went to KODI.tv and read about it. Works great. Shaya wants to "hide the taskbar" which is in Windows. Search "how do I hide my taskbar" for instructions with CORTINA and it will come up on the Internet how to do this. Simple You must download "repositories" and then you get FREE everything, movies, tv, radio. Just Fantastic and works great.

  • 2/8/2018

    this is why xbox is better then ps4


    my build is beautiful i get movies tv shows live tv free its great app also if you want the build i have its cinema v2.5 18.0 leia by stevenwizard

  • 7/7/2017

    IPTV Christmas

    by Bill

    Kodi TV is not perfect but I don't expect to be. Kodi 17.x takes time and patience to learn to use but once you do, you will love it. There's Freetelly for those who want everything automatically configured and PlayOn TV which is pretty good too. VLC will play m3u playlists as well. Love Koei for my IPTV and I pay to use a good server, $5 a month. I save cable and satellite services. Think of Koei like XDA for Streaming. You have to put some work learning it. Don't expect everything given to you on a silver platter. You actually will have to self-teach yourself but its worth it.


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