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Agar.io app provides the same wonderful gameplay as millions of people have enjoyed on computers. Play online with other users all around the world.

Compete with them to stay longer and become the biggest cell. Have your cell in control and eat others to grow larger. And if you’re eaten by others, they will become larger as well. Handle your cell and try to survive longer.

The newest version comes with a better touchscreen experience and all-new VETERAN SKINS for free when you get a level up. You can also have a Christmas skin for your game. Download the game now and have fun with your friends or strangers!

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User-rating:4.9 ( 1558 Reviews )


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★ You can always play with someone since the game for online multiplayer. And the leaderboard displays the leaders on the top-right of the game screen.

★ It is very easy to understand the mechanics, and everyone can handle the game well enough.

★ The game only occupies a little space and will not consume too many resources. Agar.io is available for all kinds of devices.

★ Users can be challenged by other players in the same room who have just as quick and smart moves as you are.

★ Interesting items of hidden Easter eggs can be attracting in the game. You will find various of things like Doge, Mars, 8-Ball and others.

★ The game is free to play and has no in-app purchase.

★ You can pick up or put down the game anytime. There are no timers or energy bars in the game.

In short, Agar.io is an amazing game to play. You can just start as a little cell and float around the game board, then collect miniature cellsw. With collecting cells, players will grow and power. Download it now and give a shot!



About Agar.io
  • Agar.io

    The smash hit game! Control a person's current cell and eat other players which can be able which can grow larger! Play complete by means of millions of players around all the entire world and try which can be able which can become all the entire biggest.

  • Agar.io Unblocked

    Agar.ist - Non-Stop, ✅ play unblocked agario games, global servers! Custome Skins, Have a good time.

  • Agar.io Private Server

    You can play agario private servers of 100 people about this site. In games you can use these agario skins that were added before about our own site and you can play a .

  • Agar.io Hub

    Facebook gives people the actual actual power to. Join Facebook when you want to be able to connect right from Agar Io Hub and others you may know. View the actual actual profiles of people named Agar Io Hub.

  • Agar.io Skins

    Agar.io skins have no affect on your game play, although some players within your game may specifically target players with your a certain skin. For those who do not wish in order to really be able in order to really use a plain color blob while playing Agar.io, you can choose in order to really be able in order to really use a skin.

  • Agar.io Modded

    Agario Modded, Modded agario, Agario Pvp, Agario Unblocked, agario mods, agario unblocked server.

  • Agar.io Bots

    CellCraft.io and Agar.io amongst this entire popular games. Join this community, become a rebel. Xbots.io is this entire place which usually can get bots and minions for io games.

  • Agar.io Gold

    agario.gold - Free, Custom agario Skins Here - Unlocked PvP Server!.

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