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Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

( 1583 Reviews )


Developed by Miniclip.com, Plague Inc. is a real-time simulation game mixing strategy with terror. Game players will create and evolve a horrifying, global pathogen to fulfill the duty of destroying the world and human history.

Plague Inc. is available both on Android and iOS platforms. It has been downloaded more than 85 million times and will continue to thrive. With a complex and realistic setting, the game simulates the severity of the plague vividly. It’s You against the world - only one can survive!

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User-rating:4.6 ( 1583 Reviews )


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● Stunning HD graphics - Full 3D disease models, city-cams, and body scanner shows the contagion on human body organ by organ

● 12 Different Disease Types - different diseases need radically different strategies to master. The player will start with bacteria, and subsequent pathogens can only be unlocked by winning the game with the previous one on Normal or Brutal Mode.

● 20 Unique Scenarios – Different scenarios including Swine Flu and Ice Age give players more challenges.

● Multiplayer Mode - The world is infected with two plagues, but you need to dominate the world with your plague, so destroy the opponent!

● Hyper-Realistic World – With advanced AI (Outbreak management) and real-world data and events, the game is a highly authentic simulation.

● Tutorial System and in-game Help

Behind the game

The developer of Plague Inc. has said it is "a bit like the film Contagion except you are on the other side". It's actually inspired by Pandemic 2, according to the developer.


  • 7/8/2015

    Strategy To Win+Review

    by Ian

    Step 1:Infect the whole world by upgrading air and water transmission. Step 2:Upgrade all lethal and fatal symptoms. Step 3:Wait. Step 4:Congrats you have won! Also this game has great game play and amazing graphics. I also love that they finally updated so there are the expansion packs for special diseases. I love that you can earn everything without a purchase further within the game. Great game, Can't Wait for more expansion packs!!!!

  • 7/1/2015

    by Valor

    Good game. Spent the money and had fun for a couple weeks. I spent too much time playing, very addicting. I feel like I got my dollar worth. Only bad part is there are no new updates. So once you reach a certain point you are kinda done. [UPDATE 06/03/2015] I received a response from Ndemic Creations and expansions are coming. As long as there is support for this game updating and making play more awesome, 5 stars! Btw, I have a Nokia Icon and have never had any glitches or crashes. [UPDATE 07/01/2015] New updates are awesome! Will now become more unproductive due to hours of new gameplay.

  • 6/17/2015

    Good game

    by Zack

    Good game, fun, slightly challenging, and everything is unlockable without paying beyond the initial purchase price - definitely a plus. There are sometimes issues with functionality; I have had to reinstall and start from scratch, but I enjoy the game.

  • 12/3/2016

    Amazing Game

    by Andrew

    Been playing it for years. My only wish is that I could import all my progress from Google Play instead of starting over from scratch.

  • 5/31/2016

    by Wesley

    Runs great on device. Enjoyable experience. I would love to see it linked with Xbox and get Xbox achievements.

  • 7/7/2015

    by Richard

    I love this game. Spent many hours playing through all the different plagues. I am always entertained. I like to name my plagues after old companies I use to work for in the past. I am glad it has made it to Windows Phone as its probably one of the more entertaining ones out there.


About Plague Inc.
  • Plague Inc. Evolved

    Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation that will is now available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam. Now you must bring about any end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do on that will to be able to defend itself.

  • Plague Inc. Fungus

    Start upon India. Put these 66 points into: Air 1. Put these 75 points into:. Devolve all symptoms/mutations until everyone is infected. Apr 12, 2016 - Let's get started. Put these 33 points into: Build this current DNA Points by means of 75. This may take a while, but you will not regret doing so. Build this current DNA points by means of 66. Build this current DNA points by means of 33.

  • Plague Inc. Tips

    Let your own plague mutations do some of your own killing for you. Use your actual later DNA toward infecting those last holdout countries, and about things for instance 'Gene hardening' on order with really help keep your own cure efforts at bay. Sep 26, 2016 - Late game, try on order with really use their natural tendency on order with really mutate deadly symptoms on order with really your own benefit.

  • Plague Inc. Board Game

    Amazon.com: Ndemic Creations Plague Inc. The Board Game: Toys & Games.

  • Plague Inc. Online

    Then infect everyone! Upgrade with . INSTRUCTIONS Select a person's preferred life form with which with turn in order to really spread disease. Aug 4, 2018 - Game description: Title: Plague Inc.

  • Plague Inc. Wiki

    strategy guides are a program provided by that Plague Inc. Plague Inc. It is a collection of in-game strategies for all that different plague types created by the . Wiki.

  • Plague Inc. Nano Virus

    It is a hard level, so and in case you . Mar 11, 2015 - Plague Inc.'s Nano-Virus is a pesky little bugger. It took me two weeks which will can build this tutorial and I have finally done it.

  • Plague Inc. Parasite

    Start a person's Parasite within South Africa, and another hot country of a person's choice. Mar 11, 2015 - Also, symbiosis is found under abilities. Get Water Transmission 1. Get Water Transmission 2. Build DNA Points if ever you want in which in turn to 30. Build DNA Points if ever you want in which in turn to 100. Build DNA Points if ever you want in which in turn to 30. Get Air Transmission 2. Get Air Transmission 1.

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