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Hulu is a free online application that provides hundreds of latest TV shows for users. It is released in March 2007 by NBC Universal and Focus.

The goal of Hulu is to help users find professional media content in any ways anywhere at any time. The content includes TV series, movies and film editing, which are mainly from 200 content providers including NBC, ABC, Warner Brothers, Sony and so on.

Now Hulu has been recognized as the newest way to experience the online TV shows in this industry. Hulu said goodbye to the rigidness of old Hollywood, and make it possible to let the program and clips to facilitate sharing and even can be edited. Users can upload the film or any fragments in their blog or social networking sites.

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User-rating:4.9 ( 1205 Reviews )


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★ Enjoy the latest episodes and hottest new series of TV shows like The Mindy Project, Empire and more.

★ Also watch previous seasons of certain shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, American Horror Story and more.

★ Kids will enjoy programs including Doc McStuffins, Doug and Rugrats, Adventure Time and other series or top telenovelas.

★ Sync your watching records with in-app remote control among mobile phones, TV with Chromecast, Xbox One and Play Station 3&4.

★ Continue your watching content from where you stopped on any devices.

★ Search anything you want to watch on Hulu.

Hulu provides the best method to catch up new episodes of online shows. The best way to spend your time on holidays and rest time.

With Hulu, you can have original series, current episodes, full seasons and hit movies all in one app.

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  • 12/14/2017

    Please revert back to previous version!

    by Neil

    It was great, it was simple, you could browse more content from one screen, you could get to wanted content with fewer steps. These are commandments in good app design. You've completely ruined it with this new UI. It's as if you've put the app design solely in the hands of a bunch of graphic design artists, with little to no regard to proper UX and UI. It should always be function over form to make an application truly useful. This makes me want to cancel my subscription, it's THAT bad.

  • 5/30/2017

    Add Profile Selection!

    by Adam

    I am new to Hulu, so I can't comment on the design change - I know many people aren't a fan of the new design, I don't mind it. My gripe is the pc app devs. seem to have overlooked adding the ability to switch profiles in the app. You CAN do this on the website, and on Xbox One. This needs to be added to the pc app as well!

  • 12/17/2017

    Loading Errors Every Time

    by King Erasmus

    In the last two days this app has been completely broken. I have tried to load it up nearly 50 times (no joke) and i always tells me there's a loading error. Hulu customer support is also less than helpful. If anyone sees this thinking about getting this service then take my advice: don't. Hulu, this app is part of your paid service and this is completely unacceptable.

  • 6/12/2017

    Can't Use Because I cant choose profiles

    by Vance

    My wife and I use this app but we have individual profiles so we can have personalized channel lineups. Cant choose between profiles on the Windows Store App.

  • 4/18/2017

    A shining example of incompetence

    by KnijeTahou

    You pay for a product with the low expectation that it will function. Oh how gloriously mistaken you would be in this case. Expect to reauthenticate this app daily, sometimes more. Other wonderful features include network errors when switching profiles which it will refuse to do. You might even uncover unkown anger issues as a result of jamming your fingers into buttons only to discover no response. If I were able to torture this app for weeks before killing it I would do it and face the consequences. This app is worse than my ex wife and everyone hates her.

  • 5/6/2017

    New Layout is a Convoluted Mess!

    by MissGemini6

    I will be using another service for shows, because navigating the new layout is a nightmare. I do not know who thought it needed to be less streamlined, but that person should be ignored about development ideas from now on. I will cancel my service if I am not able to revert to the previous layout by the end of my current subscription. Yes, it is that awful! The list of changes are misleading. It is easier to be shown random shows you'd never watch, but good luck determining which shows you watch have new episodes. Instead of an easy to see list with a new episode indicator, you now have a convoluted user interface. Harlots and Handmaid aren't worth navigating this much ugly and horribly conceived nonsense of the 2017 changes.


About Hulu
  • Hulu

    Hulu is a premium streaming TV destination that seeks in case you want which can captivate and connect viewers by means of all any stories they love by creating amazing experiences that celebr.

  • Hulu Account

    Watch TV shows and movies online. Stream episodes of South Park, Empire, SNL, Modern Family and many more hit shows.

  • Hulu Live

    Aug 13, 2018 - What is Hulu? How much does Hulu cost? How does Hulu work? I'm going complete with answer these questions and more by means of this within review of Hulu's .

  • Hulu Shows

    Watch current hit shows, classic series, and acclaimed movies instantly complete together with Hulu.

  • Hulu Plans

    May 17, 2018 - We offer a variety of subscription plans, starting as low as $7.99, and / and $39.99 for Hulu by Live TV. New subscribers can choose whichever plan .

  • Hulu Movies

    Hassle-free Streaming. Personalized Experience. The Hulu Streaming Library. Watch upon all your personal personal favorite devices. TV ON YOUR TERMS. Hulu's streaming library gives you easy accessibility to thousands of great movies and shows. Make It a Movie Night.

  • Hulu Channels

    Catch this games at home and even with this go. ALL YOUR TV IN ONE PLACE. LIVE NEWS. FAMILY AND KIDS. LIVE SPORTS. All this sports—live through Hulu. For kids of all ages. Watch live news anytime from channels including FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC, together through local news channels through many cities. Catch every breaking news story.

  • Hulu Sign In

    Sign is currently unavailable in which in turn to be able in which in turn to stream on-demand, but may be available on .

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