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Words With Friends

Words With Friends

( 1462 Reviews )


Is the world’s most popular word game, Words With Friends is fun, free and exciting. Users can play it with Facebook friends and make new friends with Smart Match. Both online and offline is available.

Chatting with friends within the game is also available. With Words With Friends, you can even improve English skills and expand vocabulary. Ads can be moved as long as you have a previous purchase.

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User-rating:4.9 ( 1462 Reviews )


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Words with Friends is based on the popular board game Scrabble and developed into this crossword game that available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. Here are some tips:

★ Start Small but not too Small

★ Lay Along beats lay Across

★ Work on the colored Squares

★ Look for Vowels that next to colored Squares

★ S’s are precious, so are the Blanks

★ Keep the letters moving

★ Saving letters is dangerous

★ Bingo was his name - O

Notice that the players must be 13+ to play. Kids under the age can be very addicted. A Facebook or Games With Friends account is a must before you play it. Words With Friends, may the best ones win!

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  • 6/28/2016

    Poor implementation for a good game

    by Robert

    The windows app is lacking many features that are in the Android and iOS versions: dictionary, word strength, etc. It offers only the most basic play - very disappointing. Update: it appears that the chat history does not appear either. What... ? How did this even get released?

  • 2/21/2017

    Super broken

    by Don

    Doesn't work. Reporting issues doesn't work.

  • 12/2/2015

    Needs an Update Badly

    by Kevin

    Really laggy and often unresponsive on Windows 10 Mobile. Also, it can be really difficult getting the W10M navigation bar to show/hide by swiping. Plus, this version's missing way too many features.

  • 4/8/2016

    Outdated version

    by Tina

    Love the game but this version is sadly outdated compared to the mobile app. No word strength, tile bag or dictionary. Also there is no way to check to see if the word you want to send is even a word! I enjoy playing but more than likely will stick to playing on my phone.

  • 7/26/2015

    Doesn't have all the features

    by Laurie

    The Facebook and iPhone apps have more features than this version, such as Word Strength, dictionary, the ability to jump to the next game without going back, etc. Please update this with all the features and it will be great.

  • 6/17/2014

    by Matthew

    No, I'm not going to watch commercials every time I play a move.

  • 1/3/2017

    Please fix this!

    by Rich

    The Windows app is lacking most of the features of the IOS and Android versions. Additionally, when you rotate the Surface Pro 3, the top is chopped off. Please put some effort into fixing this.

  • 10/14/2017


    by Dan

    Thank you for creating a Windows and Windows Phone app. Now please update, in UWP style, so we can have feature parity with the other platforms. Were counting on you, Zynga!


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