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Monster Legends

Monster Legends

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Monster Legends is a game where users can collect monsters and make them fight in the ultimate battles. They can discover new skills, collect monsters and take them to the fighting arena. Users can build a hospitable world with unique habitats throughout Monster Legends.

One of the most significant features which attracts players is that Monster Legends has the Team Wars mode which enables users to join other players to fight. Monster Legends is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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Category:Role playing
User-rating:4.9 ( 2086 Reviews )
Publisher:Social Point


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The Gameplay

❍ Level up with RPG mechanics

Rank your monsters up at the Lab to level up your monsters with RPG mechanics. You can also break their limits to make the skills of monsters upgrade to be No.1.

❍ Offer the multiplayer mode

Here in this game, you can be the legendary leader climbing up the leagues by dueling other players in the multiplayer mode. Meanwhile, you can also team up with other Monster masters to strategize, chat and fight in epic Team Wars.

❍ Build strategy

With Monster Legends, users can battle legendary monster to build their strategy and customize monster teams containing tanks, supporters, and attackers based on your requirements. They can also get rewards by taking their monsters to pass the quests through the Adventure Map and finish it in limited time.

❍ Monsters collection

Here in this game, there are more than 500 monsters for players to collect. Players can also feed their monsters and let them breed new species of creatures.

❍ Build a home for your monsters

In Monster Legends, users can choose to build a monster paradise for all their monsters on those magical floating islands where they can own habitats, breeding sites, and farms. Furthermore, they can find new areas like Library, Monster Lab and more when leveling up.


• Over 300 monsters to collect

• The unique element Team Wars included in this game

• Access to exclusive team monsters by joining alliances


• It doesn’t always offer you the tribes you’ve earned



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